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Since its inception in 1846, one hundred and seventy (170) years ago, the Hartford Medical Society has espoused a three-pronged mission of learning, camaraderie and community service. Today we support the same objectives by sponsoring lectures, social activities, and outreach in the form of scholarships, mentoring, and medical exhibits.

Our historical library, with volumes dating to the early 1500’s, is housed at the University of Connecticut Health Center. It is a very special collection and a researcher’s delight.

We invite you to enjoy our offerings – library, lectures, social events – and to consider joining us. Visit the HMS Library website anytime.




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On December 5, 2017 the Hartford Medical Society Board met. Here are the highlights of that meeting. Dr. Jackie Lyon was appointed as Treasurer allowing Dr. Mick Bedard to serve as a Trustee of the society. The 2017-2018 Budget was approved. A new initiative discussed by the board is to host a marquee-level speaker with
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