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Hartford Medical Society - the vital connection between the past, present, & future of medicine in Connecticut.

The medical community in Connecticut is diverse, dynamic, unique.

Yesterday’s Lessons + Today’s Medicine

At HMS, we welcome all—from students to practicing physicians, retired or semi-retired doctors to administrators and healthcare providers.

Together we celebrate the unique history of medicine in our state while promoting the latest tools and techniques leading the way into the future of health and healthcare.

Hartford Medical Society has been connecting the medical community for more than 170 years. Ready to become a part of our history and help to shape the future of medicine in our state?

Connecting our Community

Connecting our Community

Retired & Semi-Retired Physicians
Join in the comradery, keep on learning, and celebrate our shared history.

Practicing Physicians
Learn and grow alongside other physicians. Increase the wellness and curb burnout by connecting with likeminded individuals.

Healthcare Providers
Promote wellness within your organization: partner with HMS to engage your medical professionals.