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Hartford Medical Society is your connection to colleagues, comradery, and world-class learning.

Our Membership

Membership is not solely for medical professionals

Anyone interested in medical history, teachings, lessons, and trainings are welcome to reap the benefits of an HMS membership for an annual payment of $100.

Who is HMS?

Retired & Semi-Retired Physicians

Join in the comradery, keep on learning, and celebrate our shared history.

Practicing Physicians

Learn and grow alongside other physicians. Increase wellness and curb burnout by connecting with likeminded individuals.

Healthcare Providers

Promote wellness within your organization: partner with HMS to engage your medical professionals.

Why Join?

  • Share and discuss medical matters and related social/historical issues
  • Engage in professional dialogue among others with similar medical backgrounds
  • Access and help preserve our 7,000-volume historical library as well as our shared history of medicine in the state
  • Attend Lectures that bring medical knowledge to life in congenial and social settings
  • Enjoy events with topics that appeal to wider audiences

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