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Hartford Medical Society Scholarship Fund

Beginning in 2015, The Hartford Medical Society has been proud to support a UCONN Medical School student by providing a medical school scholarship. The Hartford Medical Society endowed a scholarship to support a promising Connecticut student attending the UConn School of Medicine.  

When the Hartford Medical Society donated over 100,000 to this account, the then president Dr. Ira Spar stated, “The Hartford Medical Society is putting its money where its mouth is. I think we have an obligation. Where should our dollars go? Into education." 

Spar and his fellow physicians want their scholarship to reduce the need to rely on loans. “I’m aware of the costs to attend medical school today. Many banks don’t provide student loans anymore and if you look at the loan funds available for students, the interest rate is exorbitant. Federal loans to banks have lower interest rates than student loans. These are the facts of life for people who want to go to medical school today,” explained Spar. “That’s why it’s so important to give back through scholarships to help the next generation.”   

The wonderful synergy of Dr Spar’s vision along with the backing and full support of The Hartford Medical Society has brought forth opportunities for those who are delving into the field of medicine who will ultimately shape our society.

Academic building at UConn Health on October 18, 2017. (Tina Encarnacion/UConn Health photo)

Past Recipients

Pooja Patel (2015)
William Santiago (2016)
Kelly Nedorostek (2017)
Ryan Sullivan (2019)
Audrey Dellert (2020)
Ryan Sullivan (2020)
Catrina Hersey (2022)
Catriona Hong (2022)
Nujuma Moussa (2022)
Sarah Levy Schulwolf (2022)