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HMS Newsletter Winter 2022 Edition

A Message from Dr. Bernard Kosto

Since its founding in 1846, the Hartford Medical Society has managed, through bequests from members and families, to accumulate an impressive number of medical artifacts. These numerous items, however, have never been cataloged.
With the advent of the internet, our treasures can now be made available to all. Having cataloged and photographed over 1,500 artifacts for the Cushing/Whitney Medical History Library at Yale, I volunteered to do the same for the Hartford Medical Society Collection. In our present location at the Maynard Stowe Library at UCONN in Farmington, I have gone through, examined, and cataloged over 500 artifacts.
With the help of psychiatrist James Brodey, we have photographed each of them. With the help of Hall High School senior Nora Holmes, we are uploading the descriptions and photographs to an online catalog interested parties can view on our current website. Many of the descriptions will need annotation and correction because this retired urologic surgeon is not familiar with, say, early ophthalmology items!
After having watched Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel on cable news discussing COVID-19, the Hartford Medical Society is excited to welcome him for a major in-person community event at the Belding Theatre at the Bushnell in April 2022. He will focus on what is happening to today’s physicians, especially since their inundation by the current epidemic. Dr. Emanuel is an engaging and entertaining speaker who will leave time for audience questions.
Stay tuned for a number of speakers at our popular Zoom lunch webinars. And remember to join or renew your memberships.
The Hartford Medical Society wishes everyone a joyous and healthy new year—and remember to get a booster shot and follow CDC guidelines.